Friday, October 19, 2007

Still to come...

Just a note here to announce my intention to include the work of Wraith Unsung on this site. She is one of the truly creative and talented clothing design artists in Second Life. I will create a proper post next week for her work. Apart from her own incredible High Fantasy outfits and costumes, she is responsible for the creation of an amazing Sim where buyers can find most of the best artists in Second Life. One need not have Lindens in pocket to appreciate 'Fairy's Grove', however. It is worth a visit even if you intend nothing beyond 'window-shopping'.

Incidentally, the outfit that my avatar is wearing in the photograph at the top of this page is one that was created by Wraith, although I added the Valkryie helmet and wings. Photographs of some of Wraith's creations without any modifications or additions will be posted next week.

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