Monday, October 8, 2007

The 'Awakening' by Wolves Bain

is the newest castle
created by Wolves Bain.

I was privileged to be given a chance to take a tour of this wonderful creation before its official 'unveiling' and fell in love with it immediately. I have to admit, however, that I love every castle on Castle Row! Each has its own character and its own history, and all have something unique to offer.

Here is the tale of the 'Awakening'.


In a nearby village, there is a tavern that I frequent. I went there one evening to enjoy a small brew, some mutton and perhaps the company of a woman. A man who was disheveled, nervous, and carrying a large amount of parchment approached me there.

He asked if I were Wolves Bain, the castle builder. I asked him why he wanted to know. He said he had drawings for a castle, but he had to know if I were Lord Bain. I told him, 'I am he, but I am not in the market to purchase these drawings.'

He responded, 'Purchase? No M'Lord, I am giving them to you free of charge. In fact, I will commission you for this task on one condition: that I supply the stones, the wood and all materials. You see, these stones are to be reused from another castle and built in strict accordance with these drawings. It is imperative that they be built to the exact and precise specifications shown in these parchments.'

He then proceeded to tell a tale of a love eternal between a Master and his Mistress and how they vowed to love each other forever. One evening she was stricken with an illness for which there was no cure. In her last breath, she vowed that in 100 years' time she would awaken to start their life anew. She made her beloved promise to wait for her, and so far he has.

It now has been 99 years that he has kept her body in his chambers, keeping vigil each night until the day of her return. In that time, the castle has gone into decay and ruin.

My job is to rebuild the castle as it was so long ago and have it ready for her awakening.

Will you be there for the awakening?

the "Awakening"

Now at Castle Row

199 prims, 30x47 footprint
second level next to Parisa'


This story was sent as an announcement to Wolves Bain's 'group' in the form of a Notecard. 'Groups' in SL can exist for many different purposes. They can be formed for the purpose of land ownership, for strictly social reasons, but often they exist as a means by which an artist can maintain contact with those who appreciate his/her work. Announcements of new products often are made to a group. Wolves Bain however does far more than most. As you can see, he is a storyteller as well as a builder and he delights his group with his 'life story', enriching his castles with their own individual tales. Wolves Bain is a generous artist as well, and often gives incredible gifts to the members of his group. My magnificent skybox was his most recent gift to group members. His willingness to set it up for me is an example of another characteristic that distinguishes Wolves Bain from other artists.

I believe that this photograph was taken by Darks Adria, Wolves' partner and a talented artist in her own right. (Her photographs certainly are far better than mine and I am happy to be able to publish them here.)

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