Saturday, October 6, 2007

Castle in the Sky

photographs do not do justice to the castle that Wolves Bain built, but they should give the viewer some idea of the careful details that were included in the design.

One photograph shows the entire castle from a distance, placed on an artificial platform in the sky. Another shows details of the exterior. The third shows details of the parlour alcove on the ground floor.

The top photographs is of the new skybox that Wolves Bain built and gave to members of his group as a gift. You can see the castle beneath it in the sky, layers upon layers of glorious living spaces!

The skybox contains a luxurious spa. It is an incredible beautiful private refuge with enormous picture windows that cannot be seen from the outside. The final photograph shows a pose by the spa, with the magnificent view of the sky from the window alcoves.

I do not claim to be much of a photographer, but I hope to add photographs of other castles at Castle Row as well as a photograph of this perfect little gem as it appears on the ground!

P.S. After writing this post, I contacted Wolves Bain with respect to a dock for my Accalia. He immediately offered not only to give me the dock but to help install it in situ. When I had trouble with the skybox he had given to his group, he spent over an hour placing that in the sky for me, fixing a rather crooked wall that I had built previously to surround my platform and finally, building the dock for me. All these tasks took about three hours. I do not think he made a special effort for me either. I believe he is as generous to all those who appreciate his work. Any one who is looking for an exceptional builder in SL need look no further than Wolves Bain. He offers visitors moreover a multitude of free items, from a small castle to a stable, fountain and other delightful creations. It was this generosity that first impressed me as a newcomer to Second Life and made me determined to buy my first home from him.

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