Monday, October 8, 2007

Skybox by Wolves Bain

I had not furnished this skybox properly when I took these photographs, but the reason I am posting them, imperfect as they may be, is to show how the light from the sun affects the magnificent windows, tinting them at sunset or sunrise. These windows cannot be seen from the outside of the skybox. It actually appears solid and therefore offers complete privacy, but from the interior, the entire sky is displayed in all its glory.

I posted photographs very similar to two of these in an earlier post, but I have included them here as well to show the incredible transformation that occurs when day becomes night and night becomes day.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to live in Skyboxes. Love of privacy and a need for space are only two. Provided that the 'prim count' is not exceeded, a person with a rather small piece of land can have more than one 'house' on it, if he/she uses some of the sky above the land.

I moved my castle from the land into the sky originally because I suddenly found myself surrounded by towering, revolving neon 'For Sale' signs in every direction. The land ultimately was purchased and the signs disappeared, to be replaced in some cases by some rather attractive landscapes but I decided to keep my castle in the sky. I now have an incredible 'domain' fit for a princess, thanks mainly to Wolves Bain. I have the ship 'Accalia' anchored next to my land, my castle in the sky and above that, my incredible skybox.

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