Wednesday, October 17, 2007

'The Forsaken Castle' by Wolves Bain

These are views of the
Castle' on Castle Row. In this creation, Wolves Bain demonstrates both his innate sense of drama and creativity. This castle, like the others, is for sale, but it has a deliberately cultivated 'neglected' quality to it. On one floor, a board acts as a ramp to the upper level. The various floors have fairly low ceilings, adding to the 'forsaken' atmosphere in this castle. The balcony and rooftop areas are rather wonderful and spacious, although this particular castle is not large, but as you can see from the rooftop photograph, it is a setting that could be found in any 21st century city where history rubs shoulders with the present. The exterior of 'Forsaken'is one of those buildings that sends forth a call to the viewer to explore a mystery from the past rather than being a proud fortress that has been able to maintain its distance from the contemporary world. There are other castles by Wolves that require, even demand space, that need to stand alone behind a moat or gracious gardens in order to be appreciated properly. 'Forsaken' is a castle that can exist anywhere, that maintains its aura of mystery and hidden power even if it were set in the middle of an area devoured by 'urban blight'. It easily could be a secret haven and refuge rather than a public proclamation of the social standing and importance of the owner!

One can discern the personality and character of the creator in every 'build', but Wolves definitely has created a castle for every sort of individual in any conceivable state of mind or being.

'Forsaken' like all of Wolves' castles has its own tale, and one that is very compelling.

In the words of her creator:

'When I first saw her she was beaten, battered and broken.
When I entered her she was cold, distant and unfeeling.
I tried to help her, to heal her, perhaps hold her,
but I was too late. She was already forsaken.
Have you never been forsaken?
the "Forsaken" at Castle Row'

Wolves has made many 'perfect' castles like 'Mystic', castles that exhibit perfect harmony and grace, with a clean sense of space and an atmosphere of quiet power. There are 'dark' castles, such as the 'Dark Knight' and the 'Dark Mage', castles that exude the potential to draw the individual into the 'darker' side of human nature, although a person who simply liked the textures, colours and design could make of them anything he/she desired as well. In 'Forsaken', one finds a castle that could exist in ANY urban environment, a sort of portal between the 1st and 2nd worlds. One imagines one could walk down a local alley in any contemporary city, whether London, Paris or New York, turn into an unnoticed street and enter a door that led to the 'Forsaken Castle'. For this reason, this castle has its own power...

But then, every castle built by Wolves Bain has its own individual potential and extraordinary gift of imagination to offer the buyer or owner.

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