Sunday, December 30, 2007

Philip Dick and Second Life

Philip Dick's definition of reality perhaps more than any other epitomises the fundamental nature of Second Life.

'But I have never had too high a regard for what is generally called 'reality'. Reality, to me, is not so much something that you perceive, but something you make. You create it more rapidly than it creates you.'

Photographs of Christmas in Second Life... Christmas morning in the castle of Awakening with my cat... a snowcat I made ... a virtual Christmas card depicting my Christmas Cabin...

Perhaps Second Life can be more beautiful and closer to perfection in many ways and there can be a danger in that. One could be tempted to escape to the virtual world, to create a perfect vision of Christmas.

There is something in me, however, that is determined to keep one foot firmly on the ground, to embrace my own reality, however difficult and imperfect it may be. I love creating my own realities in Second Life but ultimately feel I am cheating myself if I spend too much time and energy there.

Nonetheless, memories of these visions now are as much a part of my memory of Christmas as any Christmas festivities in THIS world. Walking between two worlds is an enriching experience.

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