Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bricklin & DeFarge

Bricklin & DeFarge represents the partnership of two talented artists who are involved in a great Second Life romance. Together, they have inspired and created a multitude of incredible pets and magical devices. I wrote about their romance in a previous post. This article focuses on their shop, Paradise Pets, which is located on a ship.

Birds of various kinds soar above the visitor. One sees pelicans, hawks and seagulls. The cries of the seagulls and the lapping of the waves against the sides of the ship contribute to the idyllic atmosphere at this marvelous shop for animal lovers.

The photographs should speak for themselves to some extent. Paradise Pets does not offer only cats and dogs. Birds and an assortment of 'tamed' wild creatures are on display here as well.

One side of the ship is reserved for non-living items, although Don 'likes everything to work' as Deborah confided to me, and the so-called 'inanimate' objects they both create usually are animated and interactive to some extent. On sale here are many of the love tokens that the couple have exchanged, including the wood-burning tool that creates a heart, a 'breakfast in bed' tray and a music box that Don gave to Deborah both in SL and RL.

A small skating rink now has been included on deck with a marvelous skating snowman. I had intended to discuss the new Christmas display in this post, but will devote a separate post to it now.

Deborah is known for her aquariums and aquatic creatures. I have included one photograph of a room filled with examples of her fish and their habitats. Among other things, she made a fantastic water bed that is actually an aquarium, 'giving new meaning to the phrase: 'sleeping with the fishes'', as its creator remarked.

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