Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cynthia's Heaven

Cynthia Wilder is a very talented woman who has been in Second Life for less than a year but who has been very energetic in creating clothing and furniture as well as orchestrating social events from fashion shows to weddings and dance parties. She is Lebanese and her heritage is a rich resource that she has brought to her creations and her activities in Second Life. I have showcased her work on my 'Guide to Second Life' website.

These are a few photographs of outfits designed by Cynthia Wilder of 'Cynthia's Heaven'. The artist describes her designs as Gorean and traditional Arab, as well as Gothic. As you can see, the outfits can be worn in different ways. The burgundy gown has two different skirts and can be worn with or without the headdress and face veil. The black burqa is a very traditional but beautiful gown with complete burqa, allowing total privacy and concealment of identity.

She has created a number of dance poses in the form of dance balls as well as a rather clever HUD to enable individuals to perform traditional belly dancing. She has made some wonderful tents and items of furniture. I include a photograph of a wedding tent that she created for an elaborate wedding that she organised. More photographs of the wedding, her fashion shows and dance parties can be seen on her own site at:

Cynthia's Heaven

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